Nature’s Disco Ball

Back in 2015, I went out on a whim to do some photos on the walking trail that goes behind my home, and managed to get a great photograph of a dandelion in its parachute state, with early morning dew on it. I called it Nature’s Disco Ball. It was a perfect specimen – full and a perfect circle, covered in dew. I’ve been fascinated with them ever since. I didn’t own a macro lens at that time, and I’ve been out numerous times to try and recreate this photo


As I look through my drives for material that needs to go on this site (I accidentally deleted the old site before I was ready, forcing me into a time of renewal and remastering), I’m coming across some gems.  Like this one.  This is my beagle Jack, who passed away in April 2019 at around 15 or 16 years old. As a photographer, I strive to get sharp in focus images, but that’s just part of it, and this soft focused image shows that it’s not as important as capturing the moment. Here, Jack was just practicing for bed time (something he did a lot), on the sofa in our rec. room.  Light is coming from a single stand lamp in the room, and that’s it. No moving stuff around, no posing. I just grabbed my camera and shot.  A simple photograph of my boy.Jack in December 2018.

We got Jack as a rescue from Beagle Paws in St. John’s, and he spent his last eight and a half years with us.  In that time, he went from a shaking mess – scared of the sound of his own ID tag clinking on his food bowl and too scared to come in through the patio doors – to a real mellow guy.  Quiet. Stoic (except when there was food around). And confident. A truly wonderful soul, who came to love human hugs (he was the softest teddy bear). Our vet found a fairly large tumour in January during a routine visit. At his advanced age, and with some residual issues giving us concern for his recovery from surgery, we decided to let him live out the rest of his life without surgery. He lived another four happy months before telling us that he’d had enough. As soon as he showed us pain, we said goodnight. I miss him every day.

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