Coffee – my introduction

One of the topics of this blog is coffee.  I’m a little OCD, and it seems that espresso is a great hobby for people with this affliction.  The measuring, the grind size…  it’s all done with a precision to give the barista consistent results each time.  I will say right now that I’m no barista.  My latte art is among the worst you may ever see.  My best work, a fluffy snowman, was intended to be a basic tulip – one of the first things people learn to create with latte art. I do know what I like though, and I’m trying different coffee beans/blends to find my ultimate coffee.  Join me on the journey to find it.  According to my taste that is.  My wife, who also likes coffee, does not like my so-far favourite brew.

Leveller and Tamper

Anyway, here’s my gear list.

  1. Espresso Machine: Gaggia Classic Pro (2019 version)
  2. Grinder: Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder (currently the weak link)
  3. Tamper: SMKF Palm Tamper
  4. Leveller/Distributor: SMKF 3-leaf Leveller
  5. Star Coffee 12oz milk pitcher

I note above that the grinder is the weak link. It’s very good at making consistently sized grains, but the timer is manual. That means I can’t guarantee the same amount of coffee out, each time I grind. If I can’t guarantee the same amount of coffee used each time I pull a shot, then I can’t exactly perfect my brew. I could use a scale to weigh the output, but I think I’ll just hold off, and get a better grinder when I can.

Next coffee post will be an exploration of beans.