Espresso tamped in a portafilter

This is a personal spreadsheet of settings and measurements that work for me with different coffees. I’m not sure its of any use to anyone else, though if you use a combination of a Gaggia Classic Pro and Baratza Sette 270, and have the same taste in coffee as me, you might. 😀

I’m trying out lots of different coffee beans, so this will help me when I return to a bean I’ve used before.

I’ve seen the timing of shots start at the moment you start the pump and when the coffee is first seen coming from the portafilter. Even though it makes more sense to me that you start the time the moment you start the pump since that’s when the water first hits the coffee, I’m personally getting better results when I start it when I see the first drops of coffee. It’s semantics really, since the timing of 2oz in 20-30 seconds, or 30g in 30 seconds – whatever you go for, is really just a place to start dialing in, and the whole point is to get consistent results, whatever the final timing is. So, for the purpose of this spreadsheet, and right or wrong, timings are from when the first drip of coffee is seen exiting the portafilter when using a double basket. Those in the 21g+ “coffee in” are triples using a naked basket, and the timing started when starting the pump. This will be used going forward.

Coffee (roast)Grind SettingGrind TimeCoffee InCoffee OutPull timeNotes
Kicking Horse Kick Ass (d)8 G/H6 sec16.5g33g27secNot my fave, but okay as supermarket coffee. Strong with lots of personality.
Ethical Bean Sweet Espresso (md)8 H5 sec17.5g30g27 sec
Lavazza Rossa (m)8 F5 sec18g36g27 secBenign supermarket coffee
IDC Brazilian Santos (md)10 G5 sec17.5g35g28 secRich, decadent, deep flavours
IDC Columbian Supremo (m)8 E5 sec17g34g28 secDifficult to dial in, kinda meh.
IDC Kenya AA (m)7 H4.75 sec18g20g22 secDifficult to dial in. Coffee shop taste.
IDC Daterra Sweet Collection (md)9 I5.3521.5g40g30 secPerfect. This is a great coffee, only overshadowed by Indian Monsooned Malabar.
IDC Guatemalan Antigua (l)8 G?18.5g36g21 secGo for 19g next time. Not much flavour in a latte! Delicate and light tasting. Bet its good blended with some dark.
IDC Haiti Savane Zombie (d)Oily. Tasty, but not worth the mess. Apparently I didn’t keep the settings that made it work!
IDC Indian Monsooned Malabar (d)8 K6.5sec22.4g40g30sec.Best coffee ever. Forgiving on extraction time.
IDC Sumatran MandhelingNYT
IDC Costa Rican Tarrazu8 I6.7 sec22.3g40g30sec.Good coffee. A bit light for my taste. A better taste than the Guatamalan. Easy to dial in.
7th Wave Empire (Blend) (d)8 I6.7sec.22.5g40g29sec.Fab. Wonderful aroma, great crema, very pleasant bold taste.
IDC Papua New Guinea (md)9I6.3sec22.25g40g29sec.Creamy taste, Great texture and crema, but a little bland.
7th Wave Espresso (d)8 I7 sec.22.3g40g29 sec.Good blend… not as much character, or as well defined as the Empire.

Roast key –

  • d = dark
  • m = medium
  • l = light

Other Abbreviations –

  • IDC –
  • NYT – Not Yet Tested (typically, coffee ordered and on the way, but not used)