Holiday Break

It’s January 3rd, and I haven’t taken any photos this year. During the first two weeks of December, I took over 7,000 photos across 14 assignments. I’m not through editing, but I am through preliminary image selection – one of the longest parts of editing for me when working with large collections of images. I used to be the same with audio (just ask Kelly about me picking between two short takes of dialogue spoken by the amazing Gordon Pinsent, a number of years ago).

It’s been good to have a break. During this weekend, I’ll get some practice in, so that when I’m back at work on Monday, I’m ready to shoot again. I do find it something that requires constant practice, to be one with the camera, but just like playing a musical instrument, a rest can be really good for you.

People are often reluctant to turn a hobby into a profession, claiming that it would ruin their enjoyment of it. While I can see that being true if you’re constantly doing something you don’t like, to pay the bills, or if there are aspects of self-employment that you don’t like. But as a salaried photographer, I don’t feel that way. Ever since photography has been an interest for me, the genre I’m shooting has been less important to me than the challenge of creating the best images I can, in any situation. Shooting all day means I sometimes don’t want to come home and do it in my spare time too. I think that’s okay, and is no cause for concern. If I didn’t enjoy my job, I’m sure I wouldn’t feel the same way, but I do.

So, what did I do over the holiday? Well, I learned more about espresso making, did my first, almost respectable latte art, tracked packages sent through Canada Post (how their CEO still has a job is beyond me), ate too much, and installed some new technology in the house.

I got a free Google Nest Mini, so I’ve ordered some automation devices to go with it. Without them, it hasn’t been a whole lot of use, but it might be somewhat useful once I install them. I also installed a bluetooth enabled front door lock. We constantly fought with our old lock, partly due to a pretty bad installation, and Kent’s unwillingness to replace it when it stopped working (every winter!). I was forced to make the lock mechanism work without any resistance, which was good for us. It took a bit of work, but the result is great. It’s so nice to not need a key, and also nice to not have to pull the door towards you to get it to unlock. I got a dual dashcam for Christmas. It was more as a toy, than as insurance protection. My first video is at I’m trying to learn how to use DaVinci Resolve as a free video editor. I’ve installed the front camera, temporarily while I wait for a kit to permanently plumb it in. I’ll probably wait until the spring to put the rear camera in, since it requires more careful removal of trim pieces to install.

Sadly, my coffee order, that I placed on November 28th, only arrived today. That was mostly, though not wholly due to Canada Post. So I have been drinking a mix of not so great supermarket coffee. I did get some Kicking Horse (Kick Ass) which turned out to be very respectable, though not quite my taste.

Here’s to 2020.