A bit of snow

Today, St. John’s is experiencing what will likely be the worst snow storm recorded here, expecting 70cm of snow when its all over, with hurricane force winds.

The mayor declared a state of emergency this morning, to keep everything off the road, and snow plows were taken off the roads this morning too.

There has been an avalanche reported at Signal Hill, and at least part of the Battery (the housing at the bottom of Signal Hill) has been evacuated.

At 4:40pm, this was the view outside the living room window, with the snow level creeping up.

By 7:30, it looked like this…

At 9:30pm, the front door and porch are covered in snow over 5ft deep. Not sure how we’re getting out tomorrow.

Our 8ft fence (pointed to in red below) isn’t 8ft any more…

…and it’s going to be a while before we can get the snow blower out of the shed.

Update for Saturday…

Beautiful day here on Saturday morning. The snow was heavier than expected, but got the shed cleared, and Kelly got the front door cleared.

The front door… before
…and after.
The shed, before…
…and after.

Not much more we can do now until a plow goes by. State of Emergency extended to end of today, and likely into Sunday to give plows time to get major roads sorted out.

St. John’s set a one day record with 76cm of snow.

And the following, shared on the internet. Don’t know where they originate, so apologies for not crediting.

Same stretch of road…

I got to walk Jill, on Sunday, and took these on our afternoon walk around the neighbourhood.

This is a pretty large truck. It shows the scale of the mountains on the side of the road, and here we are on day five, and still only one lane.
Another large truck.

It’s Wednesday, and we’ve been under a state of emergency since Friday. It will remain in force until Saturday morning. I haven’t travelled beyond the confines of our neighbourhood since last Thursday. Yesterday, the supermarkets opened for the first time since the storm. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t much on the shelves, and the lineups were massive. Kelly went. She was gone for hours. Most supermarkets were only letting a small number of people in at a time, so massive lines built up outside. At the one Kelly went to, everyone could get in, and the lineups were at the checkouts.

Some more pics here –



https://twitter.com/i/events/1219616764792844289 – lineups at the supermarket.

https://dailyhive.com/edmonton/timelapse-newfoundland-snow-blizzard – about half way down the page, great time lapse video showing the snow build up.