Indian Monsooned Malabar - beans in a cup

So far, I have consciously sampled fifteen different coffee beans, most being single origin. One stands out way above the others, and that’s Indian Monsooned Malabar. I Drink Coffee roasts this dark, and I don’t know how it could possibly be any better. It’s not even expensive.

I start getting excited about this the moment I open the bag and get hit with a sweet aroma that’s second to none. It’s forgiving with under or over-extraction, making it easy to dial in, and totally drinkable while you experiment with your own settings to make it perfection. The beans are a little oily, but not excessively so, so it doesn’t leave a mess in the grinder.

Pulling Indian Monsooned Malabar in a Gaggia Classic, with bottomless portafilter.

As it makes its way through the portafilter, you find a very thick consistency, that is amazing to watch. As it fills the glass, it reveals a beautiful thick crema. The coffee itself is very dark and thick. Just like a Guinness but with a more orange head.

Indian Monsooned Malabar has virtually no acidity, and that’s a good thing. It’s so delicious that it’s easy to over-drink, and no acidity means no stomach churning, no jitters or nervousness. I’m sure with the amount I drink, my blood pressure is up a bit, but it doesn’t give me a buzz.

The taste is smoky, earthy, with a touch of sweet tobacco, and classic coffee. It’s bold with no bitterness to it. It doesn’t need sugar/sweetener. It holds up well in a flat white and isn’t overpowering in drinks with less dairy. Its like drinking dessert.

If I never try a different bean, I’ll be happy. This is just perfect.