All out of full frame

After owning for about four years, I’ve sold my Nikon D610, and that means I’m now without a full frame camera for personal gigs. I’m intending to replace it with a mirrorless Nikon Z6 this coming week, all being well, but it means learning a new system, quickly, and learning the quirks with my lens collection. It makes me a little nervous, I must say. I know at least that my Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 will not work with it, and that the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 (one of my all time favourite lenses) may have intermittent problems that make me more nervous. The D610 has been a stellar performer and its low light performance stands up well against my much more recent cameras – the D850 and D500.

But its time to move on, and give mirrorless a try. Prompted by my constant turning down of gigs in classical settings, where a DSLR is really too loud, this has been coming for a little while. I’m hoping to find that the three firmware updates on the Z6 give the performance of a second generation mirrorless camera, rather than the rather lack-lustre performance of the Z6 as it was originally released. Watch this space for my experiences with that.

There are lots of photos out there from my D610. Here are some of them.