A Day in St. John’s

After several days of not taking any photos, other than test shots with a couple of new lenses, I went out for some scenic shooting, with a fellow photographer, Ritche Perez.

We started out with a foggy cold morning in Portugal Cove. It started to clear while we were still there, and as we made our way towards the water treatment plant (which by the way, seems to be getting closer to falling into the water, every day), we caught some birds that I’d not seen before. These were Shags, a type of cormorant.

I often look for something humorous when I’m out on these kind of unknown shoots, and here I found it among seagulls.

And here are a few random shots from the area.

The birds kind of got me in the mood to try some target practice. That is taking photos of birds in flight. We went to Quidi Vidi Lake, where I’ve seen eagles on occasion, and ducks and gulls, every time I’ve been there. We did see several eagles, but they were too far away really. I had my Nikon D500, which gets me a little closer to the action, and my 100-400mm lens, but even at a focal length equivalent of 600mm, it was still a little too far away. They weren’t very active until they flew away either. While we were there, a hawk flew overhead. While the eagles were too far away, the hawk was too close. This stuff definitely takes practice, of which I have next to none. So not surprisingly, my photos of the hawk were a little disappointing. Here are some shots anyway.

After Quidi Vidi, we headed downtown. It was very quiet for a Saturday, not surprisingly, since most of the stores were closed. Here are some, mostly architectural type shots, with an arty slant.

I used this outing as a way to get used to my Nikon Z6, though all the telephoto work, I used my D500, since it has a crop sensor and gets me closer to the action. For all the downtown shots, I used the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens, which is my favourite for so many environmental scenarios, portraiture or not. All the telephoto shots were shot with the D500 and the Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3.