Brewing a Sigri

More Sigri

I’ve come to the conclusion that at least until the COVID situation is all over, I’ll be getting my coffee locally. This is not a reflection of, but of Canada Post. Other mailing options are available from but they are cost prohibitive. When I ran out of my last supply, I bought more from 7th Wave roasters right here in St. John’s.

I got another couple of bags of Empire, which is their blend, and a couple more bags of Papua New Guinea Sigri. This is now my top coffee. It is on par with Indian Monsooned Malabar, but has the added advantage of not being full of static when I grind it. This was one of the downsides of the Malabar, and I’m not sure what causes certain beans to be full of static, and some to not be. Unfortunately, static causes an awful mess, with ground coffee going everywhere. Even when using a dosing cup, it goes everywhere. So, I am appreciating 7th Wave’s Sigri more and more. I think when I get to the end of this batch of coffee (just under three bags left), I will just buy Sigri. Nothing beats it at the moment.