Canada Post is driving me nuts this year. They’ve always been bad in St. John’s, but there used to be a time where you could get someone on the phone willing to call the local depot and follow up on a package that was overdue, or missing. Now you can’t.Read More →

Today, St. John’s is experiencing what will likely be the worst snow storm recorded here, expecting 70cm of snow when its all over, with hurricane force winds. The mayor declared a state of emergency this morning, to keep everything off the road, and snow plows were taken off the roadsRead More →

One of the things that seems to elicit different viewpoints where espresso is concerned, is the importance of crema. Some claim it to be “the worst part” of espresso and if you don’t get it, it’s no big deal, while others claim it to be essential to a well-prepared espresso.Read More →

Espresso tamped in a portafilter


This is a personal spreadsheet of settings and measurements that work for me with different coffees. I’m not sure its of any use to anyone else, though if you use a combination of a Gaggia Classic Pro and Baratza Sette 270, and have the same taste in coffee as me,Read More →

It’s January 3rd, and I haven’t taken any photos this year. During the first two weeks of December, I took over 7,000 photos across 14 assignments. I’m not through editing, but I am through preliminary image selection – one of the longest parts of editing for me when working withRead More →

I started a new (for me) roast this week – Columbian Supremo. This is a medium roast coffee I got from I had a very frustrating week with it, and only managed to finally get my grind dialed in as I finished the bag. I started out with theRead More →

When I started my new expensive hobby (expresso?), I learned that to get started, you should pull a double espresso shot – 2oz, in 20-30 seconds. This is fluid Ounces – volume, not weight. More recently as I was looking into purchasing a better grinder, it came up that IRead More →

I’ve long been an advocate of focus fine tune aids for camera/lens systems, in particular, the docks offered by Sigma and Tamron for their lenses. The system allows for focus fine tuning at multiple distances, and in the case of zoom lenses, at multiple focal lengths. This is better thanRead More →

A photo of some weeds from my Pixel 3 taken as the sun was going down.

Out walking Jill yesterday, and captured these photos while the sun was getting lower in the sky, using my Pixel 3. I think it did a pretty good job, and I’m actually thinking about using it for all my Instagram posts. I’ve long hated Instagram because I’m not much ofRead More →

Oily Coffee Beans - Sumatran Mandheling

UPDATE: Its worth starting out by saying that the tests in this review are too flawed for it to be valid. While the tastes were all mine, I don’t think I’d put much validity into this article. Check this article out for more on my thinking here. I get myRead More →