After several days of not taking any photos, other than test shots with a couple of new lenses, I went out for some scenic shooting, with a fellow photographer, Ritche Perez. We started out with a foggy cold morning in Portugal Cove. It started to clear while we were stillRead More →

Today, St. John’s is experiencing what will likely be the worst snow storm recorded here, expecting 70cm of snow when its all over, with hurricane force winds. The mayor declared a state of emergency this morning, to keep everything off the road, and snow plows were taken off the roadsRead More →

A photo of some weeds from my Pixel 3 taken as the sun was going down.

Out walking Jill yesterday, and captured these photos while the sun was getting lower in the sky, using my Pixel 3. I think it did a pretty good job, and I’m actually thinking about using it for all my Instagram posts. I’ve long hated Instagram because I’m not much ofRead More →

The light was very pretty as I arrived for work this morning. I wonder… are the fall colours the way they are to get us accustomed to colder temperatures, while making it feel warm though colour?Read More →

It was a windy day, perfect for a visit to one of my favourite places, Middle Cove Beach. Today though, the gulls caught my attention. Shot with my Nikon D500 and Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 lens.Read More →

After 15-plus years of living in Airport Heights, I finally crossed Portugal Cove Road to follow the Virginia River Trail. I didn’t get too far, since I didn’t have a long time to get back home, but I still managed a nice collection of varied nature photos. Mostly taken withRead More →

I managed to capture a few small icebergs in Pouch Cove and Bauline recently. Pouch Cove was somewhat surrounded by them – these captured on 18th May. And this one was photographed in Bauline on 19th May. None of these were large, compared to many others around the island… thisRead More →