After several days of not taking any photos, other than test shots with a couple of new lenses, I went out for some scenic shooting, with a fellow photographer, Ritche Perez. We started out with a foggy cold morning in Portugal Cove. It started to clear while we were stillRead More →

Nikon Z6 nameplate

I’ve resisted mirrorless cameras for a long time, just like Canon and Nikon did. But as it, along with cellphone photography, becomes much more mainstream, the expectation of theatre audiences has become such that DSLR’s are not welcome in such venues any more. So, although I’ve cut back on thisRead More →

After owning for about four years, I’ve sold my Nikon D610, and that means I’m now without a full frame camera for personal gigs. I’m intending to replace it with a mirrorless Nikon Z6 this coming week, all being well, but it means learning a new system, quickly, and learningRead More →

I’ve long been an advocate of focus fine tune aids for camera/lens systems, in particular, the docks offered by Sigma and Tamron for their lenses. The system allows for focus fine tuning at multiple distances, and in the case of zoom lenses, at multiple focal lengths. This is better thanRead More →