I love coffee, and especially espresso based drinks. This is a developing hobby, and I’m making some strides in my knowledge by trying fresh single origin coffee beans from lots of different origins. The early blog posts are probably way off base. Certainly not as precise as the text might imply. More recently, I’ve got a great coffee grinder that has many precise grind settings. It helps me to dial in a much more precise coffee recipe, and make a more informed opinion of a particular coffee bean/roast.

This is very much a personal taste thing, but here’s my current top and bottom of the list beans.


  • 1st – Papua New Guinea Sigri (7th Wave Coffee)
  • 2nd – Indian Monsooned Malabar (idrinkcoffee.com)
  • 3rd – Brazilian Santos (idrinkcoffee.com)
  • Notable mention – Sumatran Mandheling (idrinkcoffee.com)

In the never try again pile – Columbian Supremo (idrinkcoffee.com), Daterra Farms Espresso Yellow (idrinkcoffee.com), Kenyan AA (idrinkcoffee.com)

Pre-packaged (Supermarket/Amazon)

  • 1st – Ethical Bean – Lush
  • 2nd – Kicking Horse – Kick Ass
  • 3rd – Lavazza – Crema e Aroma

In the never try again pile – Muskoka Wood Roasted Espresso, Jumping Bean – Light Roast Espresso