My website update has been delayed until the new year. However, you can view this year’s Christmas offerings at the following links: (Beagle Paws fundraiser)  

A quick update to advise that I will be revamping this website shortly. For now, you can visit my facebook page here: You can also reach me by email at kellybee AT bellaliant DOT net (replace the AT with @ and the DOT with . ) Thanks! Kelly Bee

How did a month slip by so quickly? I’ve actually done lots of little craft projects the past 5-6 weeks but they were mostly custom t-shirts and I still haven’t arranged a way to properly showcase them. In addition, wine glasses continue to be popular and I actually made aContinue Reading

I’m preparing a little Easter parcel for my niece in Ontario and made a quick card today to include in the package.  I guess it’s a “Niece-ter” card (Boooooo….). I haven’t really been in the mood to make cards for a long time but this one is very clean andContinue Reading

Popping in to share a few projects I’ve been working on for February… Feb. 17th weekend: Wine glasses, crocheted Spring facecloth, bunny bag for packaging the cloth. February 10th weekend: Glitter stemmed wine glass, pet memory candle jar, coffee cup cozies, a couple of Valentine’s Day cards. February 3rd weekend:Continue Reading

It’s been a busy few months with Christmas drawing near.  I’ve also had SO many computer issues that my projects have been a bit frustrating to complete.  Thankfully, DH installed a new hard drive on my computer today and so far, so good! Still rushing around trying to keep onContinue Reading

I’ve created a separate page for my 2017 Pet Christmas ornaments. Please click HERE for details.